The Missile Man


Late  Shree  Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was a true patriot & a simplified human being.Early from his childhood he shown the qualities of hardworking,keen desire to learn & very importantly a selfless human.He was a person who lived for his country & its people for their advancement in the field of Science.

A young led who sold newspapers early in the morning to support the financial problems of the family,become the well known scientist of the country. Despite of many hardships & hurdles in his childhood, he had a strong desire to do study.After Graduating in Science & Post Graduating in Aeronautical Engineering he joined Defence Research & Development Office as a Scientist. After sometime he joined ISRO which brought revolution in Space Technology in Indian History.He made a significant contribution as a Project Director to develop & deploy India’s first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV) in the near Earth orbit & made India an exclusive member of Space Club. His research,development & leadership qualities brought him great laurels & prestige which forced the government to initiate an advanced missile programme under his directorship. After working for two decades in ISRO ,he took the responsibility of developing Indigenous Guided Missiles at DRDO. He was appointed as the Chief Executive for the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme project.Under his supervision varied missiles such as Agni,an intermediate range ballistic missile , Prithvi were developed.For this reason he become popular as Missile Man.He was also a part of Pokhran-2 nuclear test in which he played an intensive technological role.He was also a politician who played an important role in designing the policies,strategies & missions for many development application.Apart from all this he was great writer who published many books such as Wings of Fire,India 2020,Ignited Minds,Guiding Souls & many more, which have been translated into many languages.His personality not only spread to India but also to the whole World.

He was awarded Padma Bhushan,Padma Vibhushan & the highest civilian award of India – Bharat Ratna.He possesses honour of receiving honorary doctorates from 48 universities from India & abroad.He become the 11th President of India to serve the country.His achievements are countless & extraordinary.His death made a deep impact on various sectors,but he will always be remembered as a selfless person & his inspiration will motivate to the next generation. He was great soul which India & the whole world will miss.A great salute to late shree Dr.A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.



OMG!! what a heartthrob from Google at I/O 15 revealing the new era of technology for smartphones.The next version of Android has been officially unveiled called Android M.Conference held at San Francisco delivered the new dimensions of Android.The preview of Android M made a significant impact to the perceptions of the viewers.The new Android M includes Permissions,Battery,Linking,Photos, Android Pay,Google Brillo,Now on Tap,Offline Maps.Other than these some noteworthy development was made in Virtual Reality,Android Nanodegree & Developer Tools to make it more efficient & to enhanced the new visions.

App Permissions


In earlier versions you where asked to agree to allow apps unlimited access to a ton of different permissions when you got to install something.Google’s new App permissions narrow the list of permission an app can request down to location Camera,Microphone,Contacts,Phones, Sms,Calendar & Sensor.Apps will have to ask before having access to these functions & users will be able to grant or reject access.Google’s application section has been changed to make these things quick ,efficient & easy to look & use.

Google Photos


For all the photo lovers there is an exciting move by the Google in which you can store your photos & videos in Google Photos app unlimited & free of cost.It will be able to sort your photos based on People,Dates,Weeks,Months,Years & Places.The most attractive feature about this app you can tap & drag to highlight the multiple photos that you want to share instead of selecting individual image one by one.

Android Pay & Fingerprint


Android Pay will enable Android users to simplify & securely use their Android phone to pay in stores & in thousands of Android Pay Partner.It also has fingerprint support which enhances Android Pay by allowing users to confirm a purchase with their fingerprint.Fingerprint can also be used to unlock devices & make purchase on Google Play.

Offline Maps


Google introduced Offline Maps,allowing the users to access Google Map Location search & directions without requiring the data connection or wifi (no internet required) connections.

Now on Tap


Google is trying to make your life more smarter by learning your behaviours,habits & lifestyle.Google nown on tap provides the proactive answers.Now on tap feature will gain context based on what you are looking at the screen.

Android Wear


New Android Wear feature includes ‘Always on’ to keep apps on the screen so information is always glanced in low power black & white mode.It also includes gesture features such as flicking up & down to scroll.Emojis can also be enjoyed on Wear by drawing it.4000+ android apps are being developed by Google for Android Wear.


Android device is made smarter in managing power through a new feature called Doze.With M Android uses a significant motion detectors to learn if a device has been left unattended for a while. Android will exponentially back off background activity ,trading off a little bit of app freshness for a longer battery life.

Virtual Reality


Last year Google announced that Google cardboard SDK for unity will now support iOS.New expeditions VR program that lets teachers control virtual field trip destination from a tablet & allows student to explore new places from Google Cardboard VR system.

Andoid Developer Tools

Android Studio offers full editing & debugging support for C/C++ in Android Studio 1.3 & Polymer 1.0.Various SDKs can be accessed via CocoaPods.Android Studio NDK plugin provides features such as refactoring & code completion for Java & C/C++ codes.

Asus:Truly Incredible

World’s first 4GB Ram mobile phone is launched by Taiwanese multinational giant  Asus.Asus has been great in its products of Laptops,Motherboard,Graphic card,Lcd,Tablets,Multimedia station & many more.

Stepping into the competition of mobile world , Asus showed its power by launching ZenFone series which has  broken the markets of many prodigious  mobile companies.Asus by its quality,product,price & service  has remarkably able to influence the psychology  of people.With moderate price,  Asus has been successful in achieving the people’s requisite & basic necessity.

ZenFone 5 made a huge success across Asia.This made Asus to put forward his step in to a big leap to amaze the world with its eminent product called ZenFone 2.

ZenFone 2 is the first 4 GB Ram mobile phone in the world.It is lashed with latest Android Lollipop OS,Powerful Intel Processor,Extraordinary graphics,enabled with 4G LTE & many more great features.Moreover its a  budget  phone which gives the mighty boost to the  mobile & mainly to the consumers.
ZenFone 5 won many awards setting the new benchmarks.

ZenFone 2 at the time  of its  launching  sets the new achievements,it will be interesting to see how far it will go.

Nevertheless expectations from Asus is increasing  day by day,which will invent some miraculous.



Life is beautiful ,in the summer,winter or in  the snow,
Life is an interesting book,containing the stories of secrets,
Life is one hilarious joke,so don’t be serious,
Life is a treasure,fighting worthy will pay friends, family,
Life is a magic box,full of excitement & madness,
Life is a path,that one cannot decline it after choosing,
Life is a mystery,revealing the happy & sad emotions ,
Life is love,full of gratification,
Life is precious than gold,gets moulded how you  want to mold it ,
Life is a journey,full of ups & downs,
Life is a struggle,either breaks you or makes you stronger,
Life is not complete without love,
Love the life forever.

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World Cup 2K15-The Hunt Begins

The curiosity  begins as the Eight(8) Giants are set for the most Awaited  Battle of the Year.All  the cricket  Lovers &  Fans from the World,  get  ready for  the  most  Brutal Action of the Cricket. Australia, New-Zealand , India, England,West-Indies,Sri-lanka,South Africa & Pakistan are going to fight for their prestige.While other 6 teams Ireland,Afghanistan,Zimbabwe,Scotland,Bangladesh & U.A.E  which are consider to be weak in the tournament  might  shake the composure of the mighty Giants.Host Australia & New Zealand having the advantage of playing  home in front of  home crowd  support,Australia  are the most favorites to win the tournament. Cricket is the game of Uncertainty.Defending Champions India are under heavy pressure to retain the cup seeing their recent performance at Australia.The tournament is going to be exciting as the game progresses.

Cricket  lovers & fans stay tuned for experiencing the most thrilling,rousing,exhilarating game of Uncertainty from 14 February to 29 March. 

Heavenly Nature

Nature is the exquisite gift  from the  God to the Humans.Nature brings life to the Earth. Nature is the hub of the God.Nature is  one of the best Engine made & held by God.That  guide us throughout our life voyage.The imagination of Nature is far,far greater than the imagination of the Humans.Nature is the most valuable  Art of  the  God.Nature is the Soul of the Earth, that  defines the Humans of what they are.Nature delights in the most plain & simple diet.Nature is always lavish of her gifts even to the most insignificant forms.Nature is the word which we cant describe in any language, it is the thing that we have to feel its beauty with open mind.

Mountains,Seas,Trees,Rivers,Water,Sky,Air, Land & many more, they are all the precious gift from Nature to Humans.Nature is the Enigma to the Humans.Every time when we tried to solved, it creates another Enigma for us. Nature always work in silence with  patience at ease.All the ugliness of the World can best be forgotten by feeling the beauty of the Nature.It gives everything to us but neither excepts anything in return.Nature gives us the most  fathomless  peace to our Soul.

Mountains touching  the Heaven   & sailing serenely at an altitude beyond  the imagination of the Humans.They inspire us to touch the dazzling Sky from  our homeland  standing  firmly like mountain.Oceans tell us to explore  its deepest beauty beyond  the fact  that  we might  get lost into its profound.Like Land ,oceans gives lives to the  many aquatic creatures thereby giving us the chance to experience their  charming & appealing  personalities of those creatures.Sky is the everyday breakfast  for our  pleasing eyes.When we look up to the Sky they constantly  remind us of our Dreams to achieve it.Our Dreams should be as deep as Ocean  &  high as much as Sky.Looking at the Sky, gives us the freedom to extend  our ideology, limitation, freeing us from all the ruthlessness of the world. Sun showing its virtuousness for enlightening  the humans   with his moral  character.Sun  always gives us brightness to our  worthy Future.

God is the supremacy  & Nature is the Judge  for the Humans.

Science & Technology – Magic words.

 The past of Science is also a Past.Science has been there, since before the existence of our  Universe. Great Scientists like A. Einstien., T. Edison,Sir I.Newton,Ohm,Ampere,Mendeleev, Galileo,Aryabhatta & many more Scientists of the world who brought the revolutionary  change in the  Science field.They not only brought change to the  Science but also change  the Destiny for the Future World. 

 Today we are able to expand our Ideas,Limitations just because of Science.We all are surrounded by Science. Science is the process of intellectual  & practical  activities for the study of systematic study of physical & natural  world through observations & experiments.Science is often called as branch of knowledge.

Science is basically a research work.Why we are able to progress?Simple answer is Research Work.Research work  means to explore, to make analysis, scrutinizes   a specific subject or material there by obtaining some conclusions,on basis of conclusions something new object or material is derived that is “Technology”.

Today  World is made up of Modern Technology. There is Technology & Technology every where in the World.Not limited to a specific field ,Technology has entered into every field from Mission Mars to Merchandise Sellers.Technology has transform from Big Computer  to Desktop to Laptop to Roll Laptop.Technology is a word that does not remain specific to particular object, it wants to discover something & something new to greatly   make us surprised,astonish,amaze .

We cant live without Technology  & Science.Without them we cant even think of a Better & Happy World  .They are our Lunch & Dinner  to progress for the Present & Future of our World.